Monday, September 30, 2013

On the Boardwalk

Yet another ridiculously busy month, September has flown by as quickly as it started! There's something about this quarter of the year - time seems to launch into warp speed compared to the slow crawl of time at the beginning of the year. So crazy to think that there are just 12 weekends to Christmas..!

A deluge of posts to still come, but let me kick off with this illustration I recently completed for a soon-to-be-launched Australian dog accessories company. One of the many items they sell are hawaiian dog coats, as pictured. I had so much fun on this and it was so lovely to work with such bright, summery colours especially on some of those very rainy days we had in September!

Some detail shots:


  1. Colorful and fun! I love the energy in this piece.

  2. Ah thanks so much Laurie for your kind words, really appreciate it! Hope you're doing well!