Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CE Design Contest II

So lately I've been very busy on my entry for the CE Design Contest II. Basically the competition called for designers to design a vinyl toy, blister pack and a t-shirt. It's not often that you come across such an amazing brief - so I had a lot of fun dreaming up ideas!

This is Trilby. He's a tiger in the circus who has both a fondness for collecting medals, as well as wearing them. Perhaps he likes to wear so many medals because he thinks they give him a false sense of status. Possibly a kleptomaniac.

Scamp of the blister pack. I'm quite a Type A person, so I like to draw up more or less what I'm thinking of doing. On the blister pack we're introduced to some of Trilby's friends in the circus.

And here's the scamp brought to life!

Some detail shots.

Design for the t-shirt.

And here's my entry! South Africa represent!

My sister also did an AMAZING entry for the competition - you can check hers out here and here!


Made the top 95 finalists, but unfortunately didn't place in the top 5 international designers :) Congrats to all the finalists!!