"It was an absolute pleasure working with Robyn. What was most wonderful is that even though there were constant back-and-forth changes all the time, Robyn always took it really positively. There was never a moment of dullness or lack of interest. Robyn is also fantastic with her communication and doesn't leave you wondering what's happening on the project. Even though our project was fairly unstructured, Robyn was able to give shape to it very well. She is a pleasure to work with!" 
- Aditi Kedia, Chekin Founder (India)

"Robyn Mitchell is a very professional graphic designer. She is extremely creative and thinks outside of the box. I love what she did for my debut CD cover for my single 'Aphrodisiac'. She is very thorough and produces outstanding work. She is a hard worker and I would highly recommend her for other future projects."
- Phoebe Daniels (South Africa)

"Robyn did our album art and brought our music new life that we couldn't have done ourselves. We did not regret the decision to hire her for one second. She was flexible, fast, and easy to work with. Her artistic vision has helped shape our image and at a very reasonable price. One of the best digital artists I have seen yet, and her work really has a positive feel to it, which is so needed in these times. Way to go Robyn! Thank you so much!"
- Allen Sulzen, lead singer of The Nobles, a San Diego indie rock band 
(United States)

“Robyn created exactly what I was looking for and she is a delight to deal with. I really look forward to working with her again!”
- Sally Anne, Izz A Dawg online dog accessories shop (Australia)

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