Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coming Soon to a Beach Near You!

A while ago I was given the amazing opportunity of illustrating some icons and a diagram for beach signage for the City of Cape Town! 

It was all part of a brief to design a new, integrated coastal signage system - the fact that Cape Town will be celebrating as World Design Capital in 2014 was a big motivating factor in creating upgraded signage.

The new signage needed to make important issues of beach safety and stranding clearer. The illustrations needed to be engaging, user-friendly, simple, and create proactive behaviour on the city’s beaches. The next print run will also include signs completely in Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

These will soon be on all the beaches in Cape Town - I've heard some are already up at Camps Bay Beach! Design by Laskarina Yiannakaris and Robertson Wade Design. Firm., illustrations, diagram and icons by me.


Various dog signage placed at Western Cape beaches outlining 
to what extent dogs can roam that specific beach.

Exploration of dog stances for the dog signage.


Beached Marine Mammals signage was created due to an increase 
in whales beaching themselves along the Western Cape shoreline.

Here is an article the City of Cape Town posted on the new beach signage.

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