Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mail from Peru!

So a while back I stumbled upon Ana Menendez Fuentes' blog
( and was intrigued by her charming illustrations. It so happened that soon after I started following her blog, she held a competition, in which the lucky winner would receive one of her awesome illustrations. That lucky winner was me! :D

On 8 June I received this awesome mail in the post from her, all the way from Peru!

After opening the envelope, I was surprised to find another envelope 
- a beautifully illustrated one!

Ana's gorgeous illustration :) She also wrote a very sweet note! 

Here's a close-up of Ana's illustration, which is entitled "Duet".

Thanks so much for sending this my way Ana! I absolutely LOVE it!! Receiving your mail really made my day! I can't wait to go get it framed! :D



  1. I'm so happy it's finally there safe in its new home, thanks so much for the pics, Robyn :)

  2. Aha, how lucky are you :) And how nice is Ana?

    Congratulations, ! it's a fine work, and a lovely note

    cheers from australia :)

  3. @Ana It's my pleasure :) :)

    @Andrew Yes I'm SO very very lucky!! Ana is the best! :D Hello from Cape Town! :)

  4. This is super fantastic - great job!!!