Friday, April 22, 2011

Illustration Friday - Journey

I'm so excited!! In 10 days time, for the first time EVER, I will be flying overseas! My sister and I will be visiting London, France, Spain and Italy, with stopovers at Dubai :D So I thought it was only fitting for this week's Illustration Friday to draw some of the icons that are part of our journey! It's still a work in progress though, as I still have to get round to drawing items for Spain and Italy :) I think it will only sink in that I'm going overseas when I board the plane haha!!


  1. I love that old book......great illo...have fun os.

  2. Fantabulous .Love love the styling :) Tre Chic! Let the adventure begin 9 days and counting :P!

  3. snazzy, lovely designs.
    hope you have a good trip!

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, really made my day :)

  5. Hello Caperobin :)
    You won the first giveaway of my blog but I can't find your email :/
    I just need a name and address to send some bird mail, you can write me back to ana08650@gmail.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. ...and your illustrations are great!! now I'm following ♥